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I used to ​have this whole shpiel about "who" needs a coordinator on the day of their wedding and 60+ weddings later, here it is:

It's the $7,000 wedding AND the $75,000 wedding. The 20 person final count through the 250 person final count. It's the wedding with all the whistles and tassels and balloons galore; it's the super minimalistic, clean-lines wedding. You could have 15 professional vendors or 15 friends and family members helping. I've coordinated all of these spectacular moments and most importantly, they've all Needed coordinating.  

The one thing you all have in common is that for whichever reason, you did not hire a wedding planner and/or a wedding stylist/designer. And now, with the help of the almighty Pinterest, your brain and hands, you have decided to plan your own wedding.

​But then, you wonder, who is going to put this all together on the day of? Who can you trust to know how a wedding works! Because, heck no, do you want to think about the vendors, the decor and all of those tiny details on the day of your wedding! You just want to present - in body and mind! 

It is true. All you need is love..................................and A Coordinator! (at least!)    Day of Coordination, Month of Coordination, it's your choice. But please let me guide you through those last weeks and bring you and your love all the way through the finish line. I know this might sound weird, but I'm probably the only person who wants to be your 3rd wheel. Seriously, let me be your 3rd wheel. It's all for a good cause!

Sincerely Yours,            

Marcie Dorian De Leon